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Proposed Developments

Bowbyes Creek Hydroelectric and Dahl Creek Hydroelectric Project


Dragonfly Hydropower Corp. has partnered with reconcept GmbH to create the Bowbyes Creek Hydro Power Limited Partnership and the Dahl Creek Hydro Power Limited Partnership. Each Limited Partnership is represented in all matters by it's general partner, respectively Bowbyes Creek GP Inc. and Dahl Creek GP Inc.

The Bowbyes and Dahl Creek Hydroelectric Project is composed of two run-of-river power generation facilities located on Bowbyes Creek and Dahl Creek and the accompanying 11 km of transmission line.  Both creeks flow into the Little Wedeene River, located near Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada.
Proposed Bowbyes Creek Facility Characteristics
Design flow: 3.15 m3/s
Gross Head: 249.9 m
Installed Capacity: 6.4 MW
Estimated Annual Generation: 17.6 GWh
Proposed Dahl Creek Facility Characteristics:
Design flow: 6.05 m3/s
Gross Head: 176.8 m
Installed Capacity: 8.5 MW
Estimated Annual Generation: 26.2 GWh

Wachwas Creek Hydroelectric Project
The Wachwas Hydroelectric Project is a proposed run-of-river power generation project located on Wachwas Creek and the accompanying 7.5 km of transmission line.  Wachwas Creek flows west into the Kemano River, located near Kemano British Columbia, Canada.
Proposed Wachwas Creek Facility Characteristics
Design flow: 7.0 m3/s
Gross Head: 210 m
Installed Capacity: 12 MW
Estimated Annual Generation: 40 GWh